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Season Deux - Episode 7 - Recruiters

Our Dudes are back this week to enjoy a freaking sweet Ellie's Brown Ale from Avery Brewing Company, and to rail on the idiocy of newbie recruiters in the Silicon Valley.  We may enjoy tieing one on once in awhile, and we may enjoy partaking in the backwoods mountain life, but we'll be damned if we're going to keep dealing with stupid recruiters! Grab a beer, kick off the shoes, and join us for another episode of Dudes. Beer. Talk.!


Season Deux - Episode 6 - Halloween

It's Halloween, and Wonder Woman and King Arthur are sitting in the Dudes' seats to discuss beer and Halloweens past. Grab a Peche Lambic and check it out!


Season Deux - Episode 5 - The Singularity

Another week, and another episode of Dudes. Beer. Talk.! This week, Episode 5 finds our Dudes hitting their strides with a semi-drunken discussion on the Silicon Valley Singularity. Grab a Rogue Hazlenut Brown Nectar and tune in for this geek-tastic bastardization of science and all that is holy, as the Dudes throw logic out the window!

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Season Deux - Episode 4 - Facebook versus Real Life

It's here! Welcome to Dudes. Beer. Talk. Season Deux - Episode 4! This week our Dudes take on Facebook versus real life while enjoying some Vanilla Oatis from Ninkasi Brewing Company in Oregon. How about you grab a stout and join us for a bit?


Season Deux - Episode 3 - Gift Cards as Gifts?!

This week, while enjoying the hell out of some freaking yummy Chocolate Sombrero Mexican-style stout from Clown Shoes Brewery in Ipswich, MA (https://www.clownshoesbeer.com/), our Dudes (Scott more specifically) decided to rail on the giving of gift cards as gifts. Episode 3 finds the Dudes finally hitting the season's stride, and the crudeness continues - grab a beer and join us for this week's episode!


Season Deux - Episode 2 - The Earth Mother is Pissed

It's here folks! Season Deux - Episode 2 of Dudes. Beer. Talk. - The Earth Mother is Pissed! This episode finds our Dudes drunkenly (and innaccurately) finding attributions for recent natural disasters. Sidenote - the mantra of our Dudes is "Sarcasm" - definitely keep this in mind when you are listening! You can also find the YouTube video version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHDtNBiNTnQ&t=14s.  Check it out!


Season Deux - Episode 1 - Differences in Judgment - 20s vs. 40s

OMG! It's FINALLY here! Season Deux of Dudes Beer Talk podcast has just posted episode one at its new YouTube home! http://bit.ly/2fyF9T3 - We are also posting just the audio here for streaming purposes. 

Join our Dudes for a bottle of Belching Beaver Milk Stout and a season kick-off discussion on how our choices differ from our 20s to our 40s!


Episode 28 - Musicians We’ve Lost, and Those Who’ve Influenced Us

For the next couple of months, our Dude, Scott, has been ordered by the doctor to talk/drink as little as possible. What does that mean? Well, we have a guest host! Welcome back to Greg from the early DBT episode "Drunken Tales of Woe"! Today the Dudes are waxing nostalgic and paying homage to those musical great who've passed, and those who've influenced who we are as musicians. Grab a beer and join us!


Episode 27 - It Tastes So Good, But is So Bad for You

Really, this episode probably doesn't need a lot of explanation. The Dudes are talking eternal yumminess. Grab some jalapeno poppers, a beer, kick up your feet and tune it peeps!


Episode 26 - If I were king AND does money really buy happiness?

The Dudes are back this week with more rando-rambling - this week, they imagine what the world would be like if they ruled the roost, and then Scott gets into some pensive conversation about whether money actually DOES buy happiness... why don't y'all grab some beers and join us?!