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Season Deux - Episode 19 - Superheroes

Hey peeps, join us for our penultimate episode - #19 - Superheroes, where our Dudes talk about their favorite superheroes. - Sidenote: Scott stupidly makes a comment about "Daredevil" but he really means "Deadpool" - one word folks: beer.

Check it!


Season Deux - Episode 18 - Dudes’ Trivia

Well peeps, it's been awhile since we posted our last episode, and much has happened! Episode 18 finds the Dudes trying (not very well) to play Dudes trivia with producer Moya.  Grab a beer and tune in to learn a bit more about each of our hosts!


Season Deux - Episode 17 - 2 Dudes, 1 Moya


Well, maybe we are being a *tad* risque, but we are crazy like that! On this week's episode, we introduce the REAL Moya, who joins us on the front side of the camera to provide some perspectives on being a teen. We figured that as much as we rail on teenagers, we should probably give her the opportunity to defend all of teen kind, so here she is! Grab a Xocovesa from @StoneBrewing, or a soda, and join us for the latest episode of Dudes. Beer. Talk.!


Season Deux - Episode 16 - Kids and the Interwebs

A recurring theme here at Dudes. Beer. Talk. is the current generation of childlike zombies running around attached to devices of all shapes and sizes, who are paying absolutely no attention to their physical surroundings, and are instead glued to to latest crap on the Interwebs. Join us for a rail on the generation of youth - grab a Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale from Anderson Vallery Brewing Company and check it out!


Season Deux - Episode 15 - The Destiny of Mankind

This week our Dudes, feeling pensive, decided to take on one of the big existential questions of the ages - what is the destiny of mankind? Tackling this topic was daunting, but thanks to an awesome Obsidian stout from Deschutes Brewery, we made it through! Grab a beer and join us for another scintillating episode of Dudes. Beer. Talk.!


Season Deux - Episode 14 - The Tech We Want

The older we get, the more it is looking like we need technology that is specifically made to help us understand new technology. But really folks, this week our Dudes talk about some tech we want to see, and tech that we think is coming down the pipe. Grab a beer and check it out!


Season Deux - Episode 13 - New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! To commemorate our launch into 2018, the Dudes have decided to change up the look of the show a bit - new title and end sequences, new (old) black and white, you know, just a couple of things. The thing that won't change is your weekly dose of talk and crude with beer!


Season Deux - Episode 12 - The Holiday Season

In the spirit of the season - shopping at Walmart with half-nekkid, pissed-off people, stepping over everyone else - the Dudes have something to say about the meaning of the holiday versus the actuals of the holiday.  Join us for a spell, grab a Blood Orange Wit beer from @RefugeBrewery in Temecula, CA, and share the love of the season!


Season Deux - Episode 11 - Old Men and Technology

That there's a thingamajiggy that gets you onto the inter-web-tubes! Yes folks, it's that time again, and our [old] dudes are talking about technology, or more specifically, their lack of knowledge about said technology.  Ah well, at least we have beer! Grab a lovely St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from @McAuslan_NS and join us for more Dudes. Beer. Talk.!


Season Deux - Episode X - Movies and Star Wars Conspiracies

It never fails, when the Dudes decide to talk about a relatively broad category, ofentimes, they get pulled into focusing on one particular piece of that broad topic. Well, join us for a rousing, Williams' Cider-filled discussion on movies - or at least John Hughes and Star Wars movies!