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Season Deux - Episode 1 - Differences in Judgment - 20s vs. 40s

OMG! It's FINALLY here! Season Deux of Dudes Beer Talk podcast has just posted episode one at its new YouTube home! http://bit.ly/2fyF9T3 - We are also posting just the audio here for streaming purposes. 

Join our Dudes for a bottle of Belching Beaver Milk Stout and a season kick-off discussion on how our choices differ from our 20s to our 40s!


Season 1 of DBT is a wrap!

Hey peeps! Well, season 1 has wrapped with a solid 28 episodes! This first go around was a blast, and we hope you've enjoyed the crazy crudeness of it all. We are going to take a break from the podcast itself for a couple of months to formulate season two, so stay tuned, and we'll be back!

Episode 28 - Musicians We’ve Lost, and Those Who’ve Influenced Us

For the next couple of months, our Dude, Scott, has been ordered by the doctor to talk/drink as little as possible. What does that mean? Well, we have a guest host! Welcome back to Greg from the early DBT episode "Drunken Tales of Woe"! Today the Dudes are waxing nostalgic and paying homage to those musical great who've passed, and those who've influenced who we are as musicians. Grab a beer and join us!


Episode 27 - It Tastes So Good, But is So Bad for You

Really, this episode probably doesn't need a lot of explanation. The Dudes are talking eternal yumminess. Grab some jalapeno poppers, a beer, kick up your feet and tune it peeps!


Episode 26 - If I were king AND does money really buy happiness?

The Dudes are back this week with more rando-rambling - this week, they imagine what the world would be like if they ruled the roost, and then Scott gets into some pensive conversation about whether money actually DOES buy happiness... why don't y'all grab some beers and join us?! 


Episode 25 - Rando Clarissian (Jesus, Zombie or Savior?)

Episode 25 finds the Dudes doing what they do best... improvising on randonmess. How about clearing your head, grabbing a bear, kicking up your feet and tuning in with us?? And then there is some shit that could very well be misconstrued as sacriledge. We apologize...


Episode 24 - WWIII 4 U ‘N ME!

Oh, and let the political comentary/snark continue! Shall we have a semi-serious/semi-not political chat today? Yes, methinks that is a GREAT idea! We can explore the further exploits of Fuckknuckle von Trumenstein and his cast of zany world caharacters! Grab a beer, kick up your heels and join us, won't you?


Episode 23 - Presidential Infidelities

HELLOOOOOO DBTers! This week the Dudes are back to politics, but not as normal. Nope! This week's episode focuses on past presidential infidelities. Join us for a drunken look into some of our nation's forefathers' exploits. ProTIP: Clinton is only a small part of this...


Episode 22 - Dude Trivia

In their return to the mics, the Dudes decide that trivia be the topic of the day, and what a topic it is! After all, isn't you life MUCH better now that you know that Adolph Hitler not only had one nut, BUT, he was also a self-loathing vegetarian? Join us this week for some useless and crude (though interesting!) trivia peeps!  


Episode 21 - The Dudes Talk Gaming

I guess it's just the generation we grew up in, from the Atari 2600, to NES, to PC/MAC, and PS4, gaming has been a big part of many Dudes' lives, so we take a moment to ponder the changes in gaming through the years, and of course give nods to our favorite games! Grab some Mission Street Stout or Brown Ale, kick up your feet and join us!